Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PEople just tend to bla bla-ing all the tiMe..
But remember to appreciate wht you're having now
A simple I LOVE YOU
will be very FINE
trust me..it works!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why human can be 360 degrees change??
In this way said thy want you bla bla bla.
On the other hand,did something tht dissapointed you.
U're a real FUCKTARD!
Damn you


Thursday, July 23, 2009

KNK Exhibition

tHe exhibition that held bEfore..
not pack with people only..
All are those related field person
so you guys know how boring i am during the fair!

fARewell updates 2 ~~ My boss

My boss Private Dinner

Photos Part

hE is suprised of the gift~

This was the MOST crazyyy SCENE!!


They then took off everything~~


Video RecOrd not here

Never thought she likes cam-whore too


Knesia Favor-dessert = Mango Puding

=the end=


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girls Outing ^^

i've spend a gReat days with u girls so much...THks!! Misses u both so damn much..We still enjoying our day like last time..camwhoring..chit-chatting..gossiping..singing..shopping..

aahh..i love u galss!

P/S : nicole yong~~ dont u ever upload those crazy cam-whore pics in FB and dont tagged me as well..**IShh** like wat wei yin said our market value dropss! @.@

hEre are some nicey hot chicks picha =p

= goOdbYe =

Is it vEry hard to says "goodbye" to someone that you love?
i GUess soo...
F0r me i can't...
Today was my big boss last day in our company.
He's a kind person
He doesnt scold us for doing wrong
He will guide and teach me patiently
Im so touch when you came near and saying TQ
im the 1 who suppose to thank you.
**Arigato gozaimasu**
All the best Sato-san

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yeahh!!! ** APPLAUSE**
FInally duperly........Our dept.had assign.a new target onto designing website of our company.
Its been few months v're working hard on this new website thingy as me and my colleagues doesnt have any experience regarding blardy web loh.
But finally~~~~~~~ we came out this website creating all by our ownself..
Thks to Def , Howder ,Mr.L, Me( myself) ^^ and others too! Never forgot a specially thks to my Jaimin jiejie [muacks muacks muacks]..without her guidance..we will not b able to finished this.Hehe.I stil rmb when u texted me not to give up easily altho is a tough work.u will support me whatever i do. i heartzzz u dohdoh XD @.@ Really alot effort we've done

Oopss...fEel free to drop a visit and comment also : www.tradenex.com/sites/kaneka/f_main.htm

Actually is not a very nice website...Just simple and plain..but im satisfied with it!!! =P